The company covers the whole life cycle of a project from artistic conception to rock solid completion. This is Marblemen Productions.

We believe in the creative process, the power of imagination, the desire and need of those who approach us for our assistance in turning their ideas into reality for a wider audience to share. We promote and encourage the artistic nature of those who need to be heard – a marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has – and we are by their side with our solid and enduring presence, our longevity and reputation assured to take the lead in the film making experience using our common sense and abilities to stand firm against any obstacles that we may encounter during this process.

The belief in every project we undertake allows us to stay fresh, engaged and excited. Our production company is based on time honoured traditions of solid business foundations, a sensible structure, an ethos of integrity and trust along with a belief in our enthusiasm and personalities leading to a mutual excitement and a shared vision of a successful, satisfying and profitable result.

For us, what matters most is the original concept, the idea behind the project. We collaborate with the writers ensuring both we and they share the same vision so we can deliver what is required – and then give something extra. We can unlock unforeseen potential or add small details that really bring the concept to life.

We are also keen to promote and encourage creativity and support to first time or fledgling directors and/or screen writers. Therefore, we intend to set out a plan to offer opportunities within our yearly schedule, having chosen a suitable project, to make a short film through our proposed initiative, “Marblemen Shorts”.